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**Winner of 2016 June Unreal Engine 4 Game Jam**

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Using precision and timing, make your way upwards through a procedurally generated pit. See how far you get before you melt from the heat

**Update 8/31/2016**

Uploaded Fahrenheight_Controller.

This is a modified version of Fahrenheight that accepts gamepad inputs.

It also has a leaderboard to track Highscores.

**Update 9/12/2016**

Uploaded Fahrenheight_Tournament

This is identical to Fahrenheight_Controller, except it now has 'hot seat' tournament mode using Dreamlo.com to track the leader entries. No rewards or anything, it's pretty hack-y.


Created for Epic Game's Unreal Engine 4 June Game Jam 2016. Created over 3 days from scratch..

--Music credits--
Interiors - PoorAlexei http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Poor_Alexei_1268/
Assignment - BoxCat Games https://boxcat.bandcamp.com/
Ideetje - RoccoW https://soundcloud.com/roccow

--SFX Credits--
Kijjaz - Freesound.org - Water Drop-01 & 02


ChaoticNeutral_Fahrenheight.zip (89 MB)
Fahrenheight_Controller.zip (88 MB)
Fahrenheight_Tournament.zip (80 MB)

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