Mad Trax is a Tower-Defense / Infinite-Runner / Resource Management hybrid.

Monitor your turret and train’s power usage by clicking on the individual train cars.

Collect additional cars by clicking crates which periodically scroll by on the bottom side of the tracks.

Made in 72 hours (mostly 48 hours though) for Ludumdare 39.

boats (@boats) -- UI / AI / Resource Programming

Benjamin Armour (@benjamin-armour) -- Train / Environment Modeling

SamHunny (@samhunny) -- Enemy Modeling

Gengi (@gengi) -- Sound Design & Implementation. Title Graphic. Terrain Details Programming.

Zahid (@zahid)  -- Play Testing & Debugging

EndilWayfare (@endilwayfare) -- Shader / Boss / Terrain Programming


Mad Trax macOS 28 MB
Mad Trax Windows 24 MB
Mad Trax Android -- Untested. 44 MB

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